Many professionals in the line of sports performance operate around athletes aiming for excellence. Whether they be kinesiologists or fitness coaches; nutritionists or sport psychologists; yoga or dance instructors; physiotherapists or osteopaths; all these professionals can make a huge, very positive difference in the life of an athlete. But before they are certified by ESIM, they all must prove their competencies.

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List of ESIM’s certified stakeholders:

Massage Therapists

Carlos Martinez – Consultant

Isabelle Bouchard – Stagiaire Masso

Wladimir Afriani – Consultant

Alain Bellemarre – Consultant

Tuan Do Duc – Consultant

Nathalie Chartrand – Consultant


Catherine Drouin-Audet – Consultant

Ariane Lavigne – Vivai

Catherine Naulleau – Performance Nutrition

Mélanie Olivier – Vivai


Janie Barette
Physiothérapie du Sport du Québec

Monique Barette
Physiothérapie du Sport du Québec

Louise Beaumont
Physiothérapie du Sport du Québec

Rémi Bergeron – Action Sports Physio

Stéphanie Desjardins Physiothérapie du Sport du Québec

Alexandre Guérin
Physiothérapie du Sport du Québec

Brigitte Leger
Physiothérapie du Sport du Québec

Karen Meyer
Concordia Physio Sport

Xavier Tremblay
Physiothérapie du Sport du Québec

Marco Zaino
Cappino physiotherapy and well ness center

Physical Trainers

Fabien Abejean – Consultant

Alain Delorme – Actiforme

Alexandre Doré – Myologik

Larry Hunter – MAA Sportif

Claude Lefrançois – Viomax

Andrew Lissade – Move to Win

Xavier Pedraz-Delhaes – Consultant

Samuel Raiche – Consultant

Kenny Spracklin – Spracklin Performance

Nicolas Thebault – Consultant

Mark Tosques – Consultant

Pierre-Mary Toussaint – Perfmax

Philippe Trudel – Myologik

Marc-Andre Wilson – Myologik

Sport Psychologists

Jean-Baptiste Bertrand – Consultant

Fanny Barthell Girard

Heid Malo

Jean-François Ménard – Consultant

Angela Malorni – Consultant

Véronique Richard – Consultant

Technique Specialists

Daniel Taillon – Consultant