Laurier Thériault


As a Phys. Ed teacher who put together sports teams and organized extracurricular sports activities, Laurier quickly became a manager of non-profit organizations. He has also studied in the field of governance and management of NPOs at the Masters’ level. On one hand, he ensures that ESIM’s Board of Directors and committees/workgroups have a long-term vision and, on the other hand, he makes sure that the employees manage the day-to-day services offered by ESIM. Laurier is always available… Except when he’s playing hockey!

Cell 514-207-2279


Mélanie Lacroix

Development Officer (Athlete and Training Group Services)

With a background in engineering, Mélanie has always been a pro at combining her professional thoroughness and her passion for sports. These two assets have allowed numerous Quebec sports federations to bring money into their coffers thanks to the original ways she used to implement the Placements Sports programme. Today, the athletes on the island of Montreal are the ones who benefit from the professionalism and passion she puts into the services intended for ESIM’s athletes.

Melanie is always available… Except when she is on the slopes with her two boys, or when she is rowing her skiff!

Cell 514-898-1166


Andrée Bélanger

Marketing and Sponsorship Manager


Former director of schools and continuing education programs, Andrée made a detour of four years in the Philippines to manage a branch of LaSalle College! Also a specialist in philanthropy, Andrée allowed several foundations and non-profit organizations to stabilize their finances.
If your company is looking to partner with a dynamic organization and next generation young athletes, contact her.
Andrée is always available… Except when she is playing golf with her…sawtooth handicap.

Office 514-872-0814, Cell 514-710-1935


Vincent Dumas

Communications Specialist

Vincent is a sport, communication and marketing fan. He worked for eight years in an advertising agency specialize in sports and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Former volleyball player, he played for the Carabins of the University of Montreal, where he still participates has an analyst for the webcasting of the games. If you have a sports news or an event to promote, Vincent is your man.
Vincent is always available… Except when he is playing or analyzing volleyball or ultimate disc.

Cell 514-773-7334